New to the blog scene

I finally decided to take the leap and join the blogging community… yes specifically the mama blogging scene. You might be wondering why, since there are already so many inspirational mommy bloggers on the scene, but thats just it – I want to share my story, share the stories of my beautiful children, become a part of the mama blogging community and hopefully be able to share some inspiration of my own.

We recently welcomed our second precious addition to our family, so whilst I am no expert, I am excited to share some tips of my own as a mama, which may or may not work for you. I am also excited to share some of the things we do, places we go, products we use, showcase some brands and everyday stories about Jaxon (my firstborn) and Ava (my latest addition).

I am a full-time working mom, running a school, so trying to balance it all along with being the best mama to my children is also something I am excited to share as well. I was fortunate enough to plan it to take some lengthy time off and spend it with Jaxon when he was born and for now I am doing the same with Ava, so stay tuned for my upcoming posts!


Jaxon and Ava’s Mama

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