Sharing birth stories

It’s the season of Spring!

People always say Spring means new beginnings and for me two of my greatest new beginnings is when I welcomed my two beautiful children into the world.

My first new beginning started on Saturday 14 March 2015, when we welcomed our firstborn, Jaxon Marques Soares, into the world. He arrived earlier than planned, three weeks to be precise, so we felt surprised and nervous at first when we found out at my 37 week checkup that I was in fact 3cm dilated, and when my water broke at 6am later that week on Saturday morning. When going into labour for the first time, you don’t really have any clue as to what is happening, nor what should happen next, despite the mountains of information you research over and over on Google beforehand to prepare. Everyone’s story is different. So we innocently still thought on the way to the hospital just to “check things out,” that I may not have been in REAL labour. We were SO wrong!

Once we arrived at the hospital, they hooked me up to the machines and told me I was having contractions, even though I couldn’t feel anything (I know, I know… you might hate me for saying this but I was fortunate enough to have it go this way). The pain started intensifying at around 5pm that day and by 7pm I asked for an epidural.  I was convinced the epidural was not working, as I was still feeling everything and even had to inhale on gas through contractions (I think my husband might of inhaled  on some of that good stuff as well :)). After half an hour of pushing and the amazing support of my husband, the mid-wife and my amazing gynecologist, Jaxon made his entrance into this world and was immediately placed on my chest. This was the BEST moment of my life!

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset
Jaxon Marques Soares | 14 March 2015 | 2.8kg| 48cm

I really thought that overall I had an amazing birth experience with Jaxon, despite the epidural not working (this was confirmed later, I was told it was “patchy”). But then Ava came along and I can really say with confidence that my birth experience with her was way easier.

On Thursday the 3rd of August, we arrived at the hospital at 6am to have my water broken, as I was already 3cm dilated. Again, I did not have much pain for the first part of the morning, until around midday, when it all got real. For some reason, I always hold out on asking for an epidural because I always think the pain is going to get much worse, but turns out what I felt in that moment was about as bad as it was going to get. When the anesthesiologist came through to give me the epidural (after I finally asked for it), I was so happy to see her and remembered her straight away from when she gave me the epidural for Jaxon’s birth. I told her my experience with him and how the epidural didn’t work. So I got into position and it was super hard to stay still while having contractions at the same time. They were so close together at that stage, so as I got to lay back again, the nurse checked and told me I was 9cm dilated. I couldn’t believe that I had waited so long before getting the epidural! And this time the epidural worked like a bomb! The anesthesiologist told me she went in more shallow this time as I am quite short (1.52cm to be exact).  I felt like I was on cloud nine and was ready to have my baby girl! I pushed for about ten minutes and she was out and immediately placed on my chest. The next BEST moment of my life!

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset
Ava Gabrielle Soares | 3 August 2017 | 2.7kg | 43cm

My heart is so full with pride and love and I have never felt as complete being a mom to my two beautiful children.

I am so happy to have been fortunate enough to have had natural births with both my children. The recovery was quick and I was up and about in a few hours after their births. My gynecologist is “one in a million” and her support all along the way and throughout both births was phenomenal and made all the difference.

It was not always an easy journey for us in having our beautiful children, as I sadly miscarried before Jaxon and again before Ava, but here we are now, with hearts full of gratitude for our little family.


Jaxon | 2 weeks old | Newborn Shoot | Photo credit: Tyme Photography


Ava | 2 weeks old | Newborn Shoot | Photo credit: Tyme Photography

These were my two new beautiful beginnings. xxx


P.S. In my next post, I will share what I did differently the second time round for my labour, what was in my hospital bag and share a few tips for mamas-to-be to get you through those days in hospital.

3 thoughts on “Sharing birth stories

  1. Great and inspiring blog post. Our little man also surprised us at 36 weeks. My water broke while sleeping. Woke up hubby and he was so in shock he tried to convince himself that I just had an oopsie 🙈Needless to say he was brought back to reality when I got out of bed and showers of blessings flooded the floor. I thought I was prepared by doing all the readings, but I must have had the “I’m confused what’s happening?” Look on my face because everything played out like a movie in slow motion. I’m so happy that you received two great blessings after two losses and can’t even fathom what one goes through experiencing something like that. I, like you treasure every single moment with our little one. In future could you pls blog about when you know the time is right for baby nr2? xx


    1. Thank you so much for your comments Cisca! Really appreciate it! Sure I will definitely include my opinion on when it’s best to have baby number two and what has worked for us in my next post too! Xx


    2. And I have loved reading about your birth experience too! Funny how these little ones love to surprise us by coming earlier isn’t it! 🙂


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